Music Lesson Benefits and Outcomes

More than music and skills development

There are a number of music lesson benefits and outcomes you can obtain, that extend beyond the realm of simply learning music.

Our teaching program not only develops your musical abilities but also nurtures personal growth and self-esteem.

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Herewith some aspects related to music lesson benefits and outcomes…

Benefits to all our music lessons:

  • Structured teaching program,
  • One-on-one lessons,
  • Levels, based on age and ability,
  • All ages, kids to seniors,
  • Beginners and advanced,
  • Various styles (Gospel, pop, rock, classical, jazz etc.),
  • Clear and easily understandable,
  • Coaching and prep for formal exams and recognised grades,
  • Realistic, desired outcomes based on personal goals.

Desired, reachable outcomes:

  • Solo playing,
  • Simultaneously playing and singing (where applicable),
  • Learning to play with a singer, other musicians and instruments,
  • Practising playing in a band,
  • Performing in public / in front of an audience,
  • Incorporating modern technologies, such as effects, synthesisers, software, applications, and computers.
Music Lesson Benefits and Outcomes - Picture of two young African men recording music

Personal Growth

Learning music offers a holistic approach to personal growth by enhancing various aspects of an individual’s life, including emotional well-being, cognitive abilities, social skills, and self-expression.

The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment derived from musical pursuits can positively influence self-esteem, contributing to a more confident and resilient individual.

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